The many faces of Rydel - Islington, Greater London GB

Who’s your can’t do it without friend? Actually, my can’t do it without people are probably my band and the Austin and Ally cast. Vote AA for best comedy show here.

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grace_phipps: Livin’ that plane LYYYFE with @maiamitch #YOLOsoFROYO

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fuckross said: gross lunch how big is ur wiener - anonymous


rockliff making faces at each other (◠△◠✿)

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make me choose:

laurmaries asked: Laura Marano or Ross Lynch?

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"Ari is… The best friend I ever had! She’s fun and, she’s kinda a idiot person like me! I mean, we’re happy together. Really, really happy. It’s impossible be serious by her side. She makes me happy. I love her, she’s a wonderful girl."

high-five: denied

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One Last Dance = Best Buy Theater, NYC 

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